The Birth of Incredibrow!

jk Two summers ago, a client of mine was going out of the country and didn’t want to be without her tinted eyebrows for the summer.  So I put together a homemade kit for her in a contact lens case with a brush, knowing that it was fast, simple and virtually fool proof. That was my eureka moment: Why can’t all women have the luxury of tinting their eyebrows at home?

I went straight to my sister, Jessica,with this question and that’s how Incredibrow was born.  My sister and I are best friends who share a love for makeup and beauty. Jessica lives in Florida and worked with our family in the financial industry for 10 years. We combined our strengths, hers in finance and mine in make up and eyebrows, and created the Incredibrow Tint Kit.  Our goal: allowing women to put their best brow forward!

What Exactly is Incredibrow?

Incredibrow is an eyebrow tinting kit that will enhance the natural color of your brows in the same way eyebrow makeup does, but the big difference is that it lasts for about two weeks.  Whether you’re looking to fill in your brows, cover grey, or look younger, Incredibrow will become a makeup staple. With very few exceptions, tinted brows greatly enhance a woman’s appearance.