Kari Ellen’s Story

I truly believe that beauty comes from within. For twelve years, as a professional makeup artist and eyebrow designer, I have helped women enhance their outer beauty which can lead to greater confidence, inner strength and contentment.  I get extreme gratification when a client looks in the mirror and smiles because they feel great about the way they look.  It’s just one of the many things I love about working in the beauty industry.

My informal training began at the age of four when I started putting makeup on my older sister who I always looked up to as my role model.  By age ten, I had a line of girls waiting at my bedroom door to get their makeup done. Makeup was always something that I couldn’t get enough of, and anyone I could get my hands on was my canvas.

I am a south Floridian by birth and now consider myself a Washingtonian. I moved to D.C. in 2004 (transferred my junior year of college) to attend The George Washington University (GWU).  While studying psychology, I worked as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics to gain experience and pursue my hobby on the side. During this time I was introduced to Erwin Gomez, a renowned makeup/eyebrow designer; he could transform anyone’s face with wax, scissors, a tweezer and of course some great makeup.  Erwin and I shared the same passion for makeup and quickly became friends.  Little did I know he was in need of a protege.

Upon graduating from GWU, I was offered the amazing opportunity to study eyebrow artistry under Erwin while working as a makeup artist at his popular salon, the Erwin Gomez Salon and Spa.  Shaping eyebrows came naturally, and through the salon I quickly built a large client base; my career as a professional makeup artist and eyebrow specialist took off.

The key to shaping great brows is working with what each individual has— no stencils, no trends —but rather enhancing what’s already there.  A few years into shaping eyebrows, I realized most women want the same thing: flawless, fuller brows! My clients were unsatisfied with the eyebrow fillers they had at home; it was time-consuming to apply the various gels, pencils and powders and the resulting look was often overdrawn and unnatural. That’s when I started experimenting with eyebrow tinting, a five-minute process that, again, works with and enhances what each individual has.  It soon became something that my clients could not live without.  Being that most waxing professionals don’t really recommend or offer brow tinting, I recognized a missing niche in the beauty industry.  I did some research and found that there were very few brow tint kits on the market providing enough direction for women to feel confident doing it at home……..And this is how Incredibrow began.

In addition to being a makeup artist, eyebrow specialist and co-founder of Incredibrow, I have also created my own makeup line, Kari Ellen Cosmetics.  My goal is to simplify the overwhelming amount of products women have in their makeup bag.  I wanted to go back to the basics and create a line where less is more, only selling products that women will wear each and every day or night.  From my best selling tinted moisturizer to my luxury lipgloss and of course the Incredibrow Tint Kit, Kari Ellen Cosmetics offers excellent, quality products that are among the best of what’s available on the market.  My clients —Washington’s finest women, brides, celebrities, political and sports figures, and models —have rave reviews about the luxurious products in my line.

Yes, true beauty comes from within, but a little makeup can’t hurt!  I feel privileged to have had all the experiences that have led me down this new path and I look forward to continuing my passion for making women look and feel beautiful.