Prior to using this kit, read all instructions carefully.

This product is NOT intended for use on the eyelashes. To do so could cause blindness. Avoid contact with the eyelashes. Rinse immediately if the product comes into contact with them. Not to be taken internally.


**Perform an allergy test with the mixture on your hand 24 hrs before applying the eyebrow tint. It is possible that some individuals may have skin irritation.

**Spray tanning is not recommended PRIOR to applying incredibrow. If you are planning on spray tanning, apply incredibrow 1 day prior. If you have already spray tanned, please allow 2 days after to apply incredibrow.

Color Selector:

Natural brown color: Very blonde | Blonde | Light brunette | Medium brunette | Red hair
Deep brown color: Medium to dark brunette | Black hair

Step By Step Directions:

Kit contains:

  • 1 tube of color paste
  • 1 bottle of liquid oxidizer
  • 1 mixing dish
  • mascara wands
  • brush applicators
  • cotton swabs
    *7-10 applications

**Optional: Before starting application, outline eyebrow with petroleum jelly using a cotton swab to avoid staining of the skin

Step 1: Sqeeze 1/2 inch of color paste (tube) into mixing dish

Step 2: Pour 5-8 drops of liquid oxidizer (bottle) into mixing dish
Measurement should consist of equal parts

Step 3: Mix into a creamy (frosting like) consistency using the mascara wand

Step 4: Apply mixture onto eyebrows using the brush applicator

Step 5: Use cotton swabs to wipe off any excess tint that gets on your skin. Let color process for the appropriate amount of time

Step 6: Wipe off color using a wet paper towel

*If there is any unwanted color left on your skin, use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to remove it

Processing Times:

  • Natural brown=5-10 min, 20 min max
  • Deep brown=2-5 min, 10-12 min max
  • Additional time may be needed to cover gray hair


Click here to download and print the Incredibrow instructions.